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Our team

Juan Ignacio Perez

Juan Ignacio Pérez is a theoretical physicist, Smart Contract developer and AI architect. He's been deploying decentralized applications (DApps) in Ethereum and RSK during the last 4 years, as well as coin issuance contracts (ICO), intellectual property (ERC-721), voting systems protected with asymmetric cryptography and self-sovereign digital identity (ERC-725/735) contracts.

Some of his projects have appeared in the media and have been exhibited at conferences, such as the vote on participatory budgets in Alcobendas, ESADE's academic certificates, ship docking management in the Port of Valencia, all of them are projects on the Ethereum blockchain using Smart Contracts.

One of his most ambitious development was called LydianElectrum and modifies Ethereum basecode to turn the native ETH currency into an ERC-20 stablecoin, removing the volatility problem, and opening the door to the CryptoEuro concept.

Besides, due to his skills in goLang, APIs, python, machine learning, NLP and crypto, he has just started an entrepreneurship to build an intelligent forecasting engine to predict crypto markets, called aiBull.io.

Alfonso Llorente

Alfonso Llorente is a technology consultant, network, systems and communications administrator.

From 1999 to 2005 he managed networks, systems and communications in companies with multiple locations around the world, resolving incidents at all levels, providing support and implementing security in the different layers of the OSI model.

From 2005 onwards, implementing value-added technological solutions in companies, providing know-how, so that their business processes grow and focus on their core business, not only at a technological level, but also at a human level, thus creating synergies group work positive.

Throughout these years I have been acquiring new skills in technological areas and leadership techniques, which give me a great background when it comes to proposing new projects and really effective scenarios.

With a great feeling of teamwork, we are able to lead effective work groups and lead profitable businesses. 

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