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aiBull is a set of AI algorithms to predict prices for the crypto market. Natural language processing (NLP) applied to daily news, sentiment analysis on social media (Twitter and Reddit), machine learning (Recurrent Neural Networks RNN w/ long short-term memory cells LSTM) on historic price and volume data, and more than 50 different sources of information are feeding on a daily basis the AI pipeline to render cryptocurrency forecasts with horizons ranging from day to years scale.


First Target

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first target for aiBull prediction engine. The digital decentralized cryptocurrency has the biggest market capitalization and a very high volatility, making it the most interesting asset to leverage forecasting methods. 

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There is a correlation between the public sentiment expressed on social channels about an asset like Bitcoin and its short-term valuation. Similarly there's also a coupling between volumen of news headlines and long-term crypto price trends.
Plain English can be automatically processed in order to extract opinions and trends. Therefore, the current market sentiment and popularity of a crypto asset is measured with high accuracy, when dealing with the relevant sources and an AI model with crypto-customized hyperparameters. Leveraging big data sources and multivariate time series models is a differential edge for white-collar crypto-traders. 


One of the aiBull key components is the real-time search engine. Its index holds every english news or post relevant to crypto markets and blockchain technology. This is the memory of the artificial brain that gathers the suitable big data to build solid predictions exclusively available to aiBull early adopters and corporate customers.


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